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We carry North Carolina Fraser fir tree’s that range from 3-12 ft. Our trees are not sprayed and are premium quality. We always give your tree a fresh cut and tie on your vehicle at no charge. Our trees are cut just a few days before loading, unlike most chain stores which are cut 4-8 weeks prior. We also have our delivery’s every week instead of all at once to keep the tree’s as fresh as possible.

After many years in the Christmas tree business and selling every type of tree from many states, we have narrowed it down to the Fraser Fir. Many states grow the Fraser Fir, but North Carolina grows them the best in our opinion. Kind of like Palisade Colorado has the best peaches right? Fraser Fir’s last the longest, smell great, and are beautiful!

We pride ourselves on great customer service, fair prices, and premium quality. Thank you for supporting a local family business! We wouldn’t be here without you!