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Heinie’s Market Wholesale Produce:

Colorado’s Local Grown Produce.

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Heinie’s Market has been specializing in Colorado home grown fruits and vegetables since 1950. We provide our customers with only the freshest seasonal produce. We purchase directly from the farms, and personally inspect each box for ideal quality and taste. Using our own fleet of refrigerated tractor trailers we buy and transport produce from Pueblo to Grand Junction several times per week. This ensures that our produce is always of the absolute best quality.

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Wholesale Market Produce Denver

Our Local Farmers Market is a family owned and operated fresh produce retailer that has operated since 1950 in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Our produce is purchased and hauled directly from the farm to our store, by us, with no middle man. This ensures the FRESHEST quality product that is as close to homegrown that you can get.

We provide our customers with only the freshest seasonal produce. Top tasting Roasted Hatch Chiles and Specialty Peppers.

At Heinie’s Market, we have state of the art roasters that are made entirely of stainless steel. We are one of the only farmer’s markets that still offer you a TRUE Bushel of roasted chili, unlike other Denver vendors. Come see our Denver Roasted Hatch Green Chili, vegetables, and fruits.

Some consumers may favor farmers’ markets for the perceived:

– Reduced overhead: driving, parking, etc.
– Fresher foods
– Seasonal foods
– Healthier foods
– A better variety of foods, e.g.: organic foods, pasture-raised meats, free-range eggs and poultry, handmade farmstead cheeses, heirloom produce heritage breeds of meat and many less transport-immune cultivars disfavored by large grocers
– A place to meet neighbors, chat, etc.
– A place to enjoy an outdoor walk while getting needed groceries

We provide our customers with the freshest farm grown produce that Colorado has to offer including: Hatch Green Chiles Wheat Ridge, peaches, tomatoes, Olathe sweet corn, apples, plums, pears, cherries, pickles, watermelon, cantaloupe, apricots, nectarines, fresh pie cherries and variety of many other fresh Colorado fruit and vegetables.

We also have the best selection of Christmas Trees for sale in the area. Heinie’s Market Christmas trees work with the best tree farms in the world to guarantee the highest quality and longest lasting trees on the market.

Evidence seems to show that overall prices at a typical farmers’ market are lower than prices at a supermarket because the process of production is more concise; there is less distance to travel and fewer middlemen.

For more information about our farmer market services, you can visit us at 11801 West 44th Avenue, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 from Mon-Sat 9am-6pm. You can also call us or contact us for more information to (303) 425-9955 / info@heiniesmarket.com. Heinie’s Market has been specializing in Colorado homegrown fruits and vegetables since 1950.

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