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Green Chiles Recipes


We are one of the largest distributors of green chili in Colorado! During the season, our chili is shipped in every 1 to 2 days fresh from the farms! We specialize in Hatch New Mexico chili, considered the “World’s Best Chili Pepper”, and dozens of other varieties are available. Check out our online store to see your options!

Grown in Pueblo, Colorado, a little over 500 miles north of Hatch, New Mexico, this chile has roots that go back to the Oaxaca region of Mexico. According to Paris Carmichael of the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce, Pueblo Chiles “have a larger size, meatier texture, unique skin and more capsaicin than an Anaheim or that other inferior Hatch Chile stuff that comes in a can!”

Green Chiles Recipes, Heinies Market Wheat Ridge, Fresh Produce

While Hatch green chiles are known for their smoky, rich flavor, Pueblo chiles are known for being a little hotter than cayenne peppers.

In July we bring in the largest and meatiest Pueblo, Hatch New Mexico, and Grand Junction Anaheim Chili’s to be roasted. You pick out the heat and type of chiles-chili of your choice and we will roast it for you to perfection where the skin will slide off without wasting any chili.

We carry a variety of specialty peppers including:

– Sweet Sunny Brook Peppers ( Heirloom ) – Fresno Pepper ( Red and Yellow
– Sweet Banana Peppers ( Sweet Yellow ) – Sweet Pimento Peppers ( Sweet Red similar to Sunny Brook )
– Hot Hungarian Peppers ( Hot Yellow ) – Cherry Peppers ( Mild and Hot )
– Sweet Purple Bell Peppers ( Heirloom ) – Poblano Peppers ( Med-Hot Green Pepper )
– Sweet Gypsy Peppers ( Sweet Yellow ) – Shishito Peppers ( Thin Green )
– Italian Thin Skin Peppers ( Sweet Green Bell ) – Bhut Jolokia Ghost Peppers ( Extremely Hot )

For more information about our farmer market services, you can visit us at 11801 West 44th Avenue, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 from Mon-Sat 9am-6pm. You can also call us or contact us for more information to (303) 425-9955 / info@heiniesmarket.com. Can’t get to one our locations; order you fresh chili, piñon, and more from the comfort of home.


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