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palisade-peaches-at-farmers-marketPalisade Peaches

Available early July

Palisade is known to grow some of the best peaches that North America has to offer because of their unique growing environment. Starting early July the first cling-stone peaches will be ready. Throughout the season the peaches will move from cling-stone to free-stone and the season will end late September to early October. There are many different varieties of peaches grown in Colorado and we will bring in the most delicious and juicy peaches Colorado has to offer.

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Colorado Apples at Farmers Market best green chili denverColorado Apples-


Available early September

Believe it or not Colorado grows some of the best apples in the country because of our favorable growing conditions. Apple trees like at least 6 hours a day of sunshine and periods of cooler temperatures. In Colorado we have warm sunny days with cool nights. The Colorado apple season runs from early September until late November. Come see our vast selection of Colorado apples. We know you will find the variety of apple you want whether you want to can, make fresh apple pie or just enjoy crisp juicy Colorado apple.

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wheat-ridge-grand-junction-tomatoesGrand Junction Tomatoes-

Available mid-July

Our Grand Junction tomatoes are the juiciest tomatoes that you will come across and taste much better than the tomatoes that you will find in large grocery store chains. We sell our tomatoes by the bushel and by the pound. Our tomatoes are so good most people eat them just like an apple, however you will want to use our tomatoes for all of your recipes.


rocky-ford-cantalope-at-farmer-market-real-christmas-garlandRocky Ford Watermelon and Cantaloupe-

Available late July Early August

Rocky Ford is known to have the sweetest watermelon and cantaloupe around. There is nothing like eating fresh Rocky Ford watermelon and cantaloupe on a hot summer day.

We will also carry specialty melons such as canary melons and honey dew. Ask one of our employees to help pick you the best Melon!

Colorado Sweet Corn at Farmers Market fresh cut christmas trees deliveredColorado Sweet Corn-

Available Early July

We sell two varieties of corn from Colorado, Olathe sweet corn and Brighton Peaches and Cream. Both varieties of corn are extremely sweet and crisp. The only difference is Olathe sweet corn is a yellow and Brighton peaches and cream is bi-color. You can’t go wrong with either variety both varieties will keep you coming back for more!


Colorado Cherries at our Farmers MarketColorado Cherries-

Available Mid-June

We will carry three types of cherries: Bing, Lambert and Rainier cherries. Cherries are one of the first crops to come in. After Colorado Cherries are finished we will continue to bring cherries in from Utah, Washington and Montana.


Colorado Pears at our Farmers MarketColorado Pears-

Available Mid-August

We will bring in delicious Bartlett pears from the western slope. Bartlett pears will be picked and usually sold green. The Bartlett pear will then ripen to a light yellow color in 7 to 10 days.


Colorado Apricots at our Farmers MarketColorado Apricots-

Available Late June

Colorado Apricots are another one of Colorado’s earlier crops. Be sure to get your apricots early because they usually only are harvested until mid-July.


Colorado Plums at our Farmers MarketColorado Plums-

Available Mid-August

We will also bring in a large variety of plums from the western slope. Varieties will include blood plums, elephant heart plums, friar plums, grenade plums and pluots.


Enjoy Fresh Produce from a Denver Farmers Market.

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